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What You Might Have Missed in January 2018

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We’ve put January back in cold storage!  Don’t be frozen out of the month’s Big Data stories though!  Catch up on January’s Big Data BIG news...

Many of you have sent us positive comments about our 2017 recap blog...thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your comments have inspired us so much we decided to write a quick January recap...and even produce a quick video!

Please see below some of the top articles we read this past month and feel free to share comment.

  • What’s big for big data for 2018: January is a great month to predict what the rest of the year looks like.  This Information Management piece does a great job predicting key trends like the “Cloud becomes the new Data Lake”, “"Insight as a Service becomes the norm for the enterprise” and why “Multi-cloud strategies will fail”.
  • Big Data...Big OutcomesThis Harvard Business Review piece highlights the story of organizations that connect data to value. It introduces the concept of the Central Analytics Business Unit (ABU) and how organizations like GFNorte yielded profits of 46X the cost of its big data initiative.
  • Keeping Resolutions is hard: Luckily Donald Farmer, an internationally respected Big Data leader, has some great tips for you...
  • Does Artificial Intelligence scare you? Here is a checklist that might help you consider AI in the context of Analytics.
  • The Future of Data is Cloudy  According to Ovum, 27.5% of all big data workloads are already deployed in the cloud. What about yours?!
  • 53% Of Companies Are Adopting Big Data Analytics  Are You? This Forbes article by Louis Columbus highlights some of this space’s most important trends. One grabbed our attention in particular: EDW Optimization is Big Data’s #1 Use Case...do you agree?!

Question of the Month

"Is Google BigQuery going to replace Hadoop?"

See what we think on Quora here.


Wait, Wait...There is more!  A lot is going on in Big Data...and you shouldn’t miss the most important moments.  

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