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10 Big Data Moments You Might Have Missed in 2017

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Throughout the year, our team engages in lots of meaningful conversations with the Big Data community, customers, partners, analysts and press. We cherish these moments because they are a great source of information and learning. Below some of the moments that made our top 10. The list includes press articles, videos, research links and other resources that we believe were particularly meaningful in 2017.

We hope they can serve as a useful guide as as you find time to slow down, sit back, develop a perspective for next year and start planning the breakout year 2018 can become for you and your team!

1) Big Data Analytics as a Service: The next big thing (LinkedIn, Naveen Joshi)

We liked this piece because we feel that Naveen does a great job pointing to the opportunity and the challenges related to “Big Data-as-a-Service”.  If you recall, our latest Big Data Maturity Survey pointed to the fact that 72% of respondents were planning on running big data in the cloud.  This past year, AtScale announced support for Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure and Amazon RedShift (you can read more about our BigQuery benchmark results here).  The Cloud is a disruptive trend and many are looking for guidance.  Naveen’s piece does a good job framing the issue.

2) Why Many Big Data Plans Are Stuck in Neutral (Baseline, Dennis McCafferty)

90% of executives believe that data will play an important role in their organization's future but the majority of employees are still out of the loop: only 28% of business leaders actually have access to the data they need to do their job (many say they have to wait up to a month to get access to the data they’ve requested).   How mature is your Big Data Strategy in comparison to the rest of your peers?  We suggest you take the test here.

4) BI’s ‘semantic layer’: After 25 years, it’s time for a change (Information Management, Matt Baird).

The concept of the semantic layer is not new.  But it has the power to be a true BI force multiplier.  And modern BI platform have been unable to fully leverage it.  In this Information Management article, Matt Baird does a great job explaining what a semantic layer is and why you should care.  For more on this topic, a great follow-on article is this one: What is a “Semantic Layer” & Why Would you Want One?

5) Does the World Need Cloudera? (Forbes)

2017 saw the world of “Hadoop companies” evolve.  Cloudera (NYSE:CLDR) went public in May and Hortonworks (NASDAQ: HDP) has gone up 140%+.  If you were ever doubting the importance that Big Data will have for your company (and your wallet), check out this Forbes piece: it reviews why Big Data is a Big Deal, how quickly markets forget about the importance of pivotal technologies and delves in the dangers of following "The Hype".

6) The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data (The Economist)

The Economist has shown a lot of avant-garde work and research on Big Data over the years.  I personally worked with Ken Cukier in 2010 when, as a correspondent for the Economist, he landed front page billing for his work on the “Data Deluge” (Ken has since them written books about the topic, chaired conferences and participated in many talks - you can see one of them down this list).  There is one problem though.  Data is FAR from being the “next oil” as I explain it in this video.  I’m not alone in this: Doug Laney, the Gartner analyst who coined the “3 Vs of Big Data concept” joined one of our recent webinars and explains with much precision why you shouldn’t be fooled...catch it here.

7) How Will Big Data Change The Way We Live? (National Public Radio)

What is the value of big data?  Ken Cukier shares some of the best analogies to get you to wrap your head around the problem.  This is TED Radio interview we suggest you share with any friend or executive you work with and that’s yet not convinced about the value of Data.

8) Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence (BI) 2016: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…(AtScale Blog)

Gartner is the reference when it comes to helping executives map the complex world of technology.  The Magic Quadrant is the THE document of reference for buyers of Business Intelligence technology.  Read this piece to see what happened in 2017, how that changed from 2016 and what could most likely happen in 2018.

9) The Business Intelligence Platforms of 2022 (AtScale Blog)

The Business Intelligence Market is one of the fastest growing market in the entire Information Technology space.  Last year, it grew 63.6% and it is projected to grow by 19 % by 2020.  While self-service have driven most of its growth to date, new trends like the modernization of analytics and data platforms and the emergence of the “Universal Semantic Layer” will take the space to new heights.  Read this piece to get ahead.

10): What's the best Business Intelligence tool for Big Data?! (AtScale Blog)

If you're asking this question, it's probably because you're trying to determine how to best serve the needs of your business, particularly when you're dealing with large amounts of data (across multiple data sources) and when the needs of your business users are very disparate, especially as they span across multiple business units and use-cases. Sarah Gerweck, one of our co-founders, authored a great piece in Information Management on the "History of Business Intelligence".  Most recently, CIO Magazine ran a great piece on the “5 pitfalls of self-service BI”.  Don’t be left behind using old tools to solve new problems.

Bonus: If the above list keep bringing you back for more, there are still a few pieces you could peruse.  For instance, don’t hesitate to share the Wall Street Journal feature that explains “Why CIOs Aren’t Prepared for Big Data” (backed by AtScale survey data) or share this CIO Magazine piece for Why your BI strategy needs a universal semantic data layer.  Finally, if that’s not enough, let your colleagues enjoy this week’s Forbes article featuring the story of Nationwide’s Chief Data Officer (a 3-time CDO veteran): How Nationwide Drives A Data-Driven Culture: Confessions Of A Chief Data Executive.


It was REALLY hard to narrow this list down to just 10...even 13...so please don’t be shy and let us know in comments which ones you think we’re missing or which you liked the most!



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