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What Gartner, IDC & Forrester say about BI on Hadoop...and real world examples...

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Forrester recently released great insights about the state of the Hadoop market.  The research study acts as yet another data point for what we have been calling the "no-so-silent data revolution".

In 2015, AtScale experienced tremendous acceleration and we have welcomed a large number of enterprises onto our platform.  Please see more about our "2015 Highlights" summary here.

Additionally, if you are curious to hear about one of these enterprises, tune in for our "Best Practices Session" on March 10 at 10am PST, when Seetha Chakrapany, Macy's Director of Analytics discusses how organizations can modernize their Data Architecture for BI on Hadoop.  Reserve your spot here today!

The Not-So Silent Data Revolution: Hadoop and the Cloud

Hadoop has been available for over 10 years now.   It is now rare to find an executive who has to be convinced of the economic benefits of storing Data in Hadoop. This new platform that is about 5X cheaper than any other alternative.  This has in turn enabled visionary leaders to realize their vision for "never throwing data way".  Laggards in this industry will get there quickly:

When customers choose a platform for storing data, Cloud is becoming an appealing alternative.  There is an obvious cost equation when compared to deploying traditional databases on-premises.  When it comes to standing up Hadoop in the Cloud, it's about cost but also a skillset advantage - spinning up a cluster on the Amazon Cloud is immensely easier than starting from scratch, on-premises.  

The bottom-line: Hadoop and Cloud are transforming the way companies are procuring and staffing their Big Data projects.  Today's major database vendors are not guaranteed to maintain their position over the next five years.  How big is this market? According to IDC, $122B...today!

Don't believe it?  Check out the 2015 Gartner Database Market Quadrant. Amazon appeared in the Magic Quadrant for the first time in 2015 and they landed in the Leaders Quadrant.  

"Knowledge Workers" are in fact "Knowledge Seekers"

People Want More Data:  There is a reason why employees are referred to as "Knowledge Workers". Data is part of everyone's job.  

The need for more information is outpacing IT's ability to provide that information with the proper scale, speed and security.  What's worse is that IT has actually already put in the work to store all this information! 

The bottom-line: Enterprises have learned how to store the data they need.  Now they have to work out the "Access Paradox" e.g. the data is stored but it's not available to regular employees, the analysts, and the decision makers.  The result?  Employees are not "working" the data, they are "seeking" the data.  "Knowledge Workers" have been turned into "Knowledge Seekers".

The AtScale team is constantly watching trends to find the information you need in order to drive better business performance.  For instance, if you are interested in learning the latest on Hadoop trends, download a complimentary copy of the Hadoop Maturity Survey here.

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