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Up And To The Right!

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What a week! You might have already read some of the press that covered the AtScale news this or even read our CEO blog, as he expands on the details of our announce...

Our company has made a lot of progress since our product became publicly available about a year ago.   The demand for our product has skyrocketed so fast, the broad market couldn’t help but notice that we might be onto something...

There are, of course, many facts that contribute to our growth, but here are a few to consider: 

  • The BI on Hadoop market is in full expansion. 5 months ago, Forrester predicted that 100% of enterprises would adopt Hadoop in the next year…we’re about half-way!
  • The BI on Hadoop market benefits all players.  Our partners and their customers, both on the Business Intelligence and Data Platform side, experience tremendous value acceleration when AtScale is added to their offering.
  • The AtScale BI on Hadoop approach returns better value faster.  Our customers enjoy a more rapid return on investment than traditional approach.  With AtScale, they can provide governed self-service on large data without creating disruption with business users AND their I.T counterparts.  Are No Data Movement, No New Client and Non-intrusive model allows us to get to results faster.

There are many questions customers need to answer when onboarding BI-on-Hadoop though.  Luckily AtScale enterprise customers have been very happy to share their best practices.   Here are some of them below for your own inspiration:

They are many other examples like the above and if you’d like guidance to identify your BI-on-Hadoop use cases, please ping us here - we have a fairly large library!

Enough about us though.  Here are some of the articles that hit this week if you are interested in diving into the details of our news.  Thanks again for all you do.  We’re excited to have you as part our community!

  • Business Insider: Not Blue-Flame enough? "AtScale does something different. It slides right on top of Hadoop and let's companies use their favorite data crunching tool of choice: Excel, Tableau Software, MicroStrategy".
  • Forbes: AtScale Delivers Self-Service Business Intelligence On Hadoop. “The old definition of a BI platform which comes with its own built-in visualization interface is just that—an old definition”
  • TheStreet: "The company's focus, great timing and superior architecture allowed it to quickly climb to the top of the enterprise buyer's list".
  • Network World: "AtScale is all about making business intelligence (BI) work easily on Hadoop", "the fact that in this depressed market, AtScale can raise a healthy round like this bodes well for the company".
  • Wall Street Journal:"AtScale Inc. lets businesses use familiar tools like Excel and Tableau to analyze data sitting in Hadoop".
  • e-Week: "Known for its eponymous business intelligence (BI) platform, AtScale has racked up several big-name customers thanks to its approach to big data analytics".
  • SiliconAngle: "Thanks to some nifty technology that the startup included under the hood, users are able to take advantage of the latter integration without physically moving their records out of Hadoop, which provides a couple of major benefits…"
  • InformationWeek: "AtScale, a company that provides a self-service BI platform that works with Hadoop data, has secured a B-round of funding that brings its total funding to date to $20 million".

For the actual press release on our announce, please click here.


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