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How Much Dough is in Your Data?!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Sep 19, 2016

This morning, O'Reilly Media published the results of its 2016 Data Science Salary Survey.  The report covers a wide set of topics such as salary differences by gender and countries as well as details for the types of skills that can give employees an edge when it comes to earnings.  We tooked a closer look at the Business Intelligence answers and what we found out might surprise you.

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The BB-8 Reasons You Should Care About BI-on-Hadoop

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Mar 19, 2016

The BI on Hadoop market is at an interesting intersection - even event-wise.  This past week, the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit gathered over 2,000 Analytics enthusiasts, and next week the O'Reilly Strata Conference will see 4,000 Big Data nerds like me discuss the future of Hadoop.  The space is evolving fast.  It's possible you might have missed a few things.  Below a "recap" of the Gartner BI Summit and a "pre-cap" of the O'Reilly Strata San Jose event.

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The "Easy Button" for BI on Hadoop.  AtScale brings simplicity, speed and security for Tableau on Hadoop

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Jan 11, 2016

We're opening 2016 with great news for anyone who's trying to make BI work on Hadoop!  We’ve partnered with Tableau to market an offer that, we believe, will eradicate the issues customers run into when connecting Tableau to Hadoop directly.

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The Future is Here.  It's Just Not Evenly Distribut...

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Dec 14, 2015

One of my favorite business quotes is the one featured in this blog's photo:  "The future is here.  It's just not evenly distributed yet," (William Gibson).

When I look back at 2015 and the amazing accomplishments of our team and our customers, I can't help to think that, we are building the future here.  And while many got access to it in 2015, many more will be able to benefit from it very soon.

We've had a great time serving you and the community in 2015: 

We can't wait to meet you all at next year's Big Data events such as the Strata Conferences, Gartner BI as well as many of our partners' events and roadshows!  If you ever have a question about our direction, please email me directly at bruno@atscale.com.  

As you consider AtScale, understand what we ARE, and what we are NOT.  We are NOT another "Tableau 2.0" company.  We are NOT a replacement for your entire BI stack. We are the "Business Interface for Hadoop".  

  • Not clear about what that means?  Simply watch this 2 minute video.
  • For a quick answer to what we are NOT, watch the below 2 minute interview

Happy Holidays to all and...Analytically Yours!

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Has Spark Killed Hadoop?!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Dec 11, 2015

One of the "buzziest" subjects of conversation in the Big Data scene this past year has been Spark.  The powerful open source processing engine developed in 2009 has gotten some great traction and many have covered the stories of community adoption and growth.  

As one would expect though, some of the buzz spun out of control, so much, some went on to write that "Hadoop was dead" or that "Spark would eventually replace Hadoop".  

Such reports are misinformed, overly sensational and inaccurate.  If you have a few minutes, I propose you watch the below 2 minute video on the key role that Spark plays and its relationship with Hadoop.  In this interview, we talk about security, speed and other key items that make Hadoop relevant to business users.  

For a deeper understanding on the topic, check out the great piece that our VP of Product Management, Josh Klahr, authored for ReadWrite last week.  My favorite passage is below (the full piece is here):

"We need to stop playing Spark and Hadoop off each other and understand how they will coexist.  Hadoop will continue to be used as a platform for scale-out data storage, parallel processing, and clustered workload management.  Spark will continue to be used for both batch-oriented and interactive scale-out data-processing needs."

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Hadoop: What has changed?!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Dec 8, 2015

Every once in awhile, our team gets questions about the validity of Hadoop.  Why it exists, why people should consider using it, etc.   In the below video, I provide a few examples of cases across common industries like financial services or retail that provide a clear answer to this question.  

As usual, the video lasts less than 2 minutes so don't expect to have to sit through long, esoteric explanations.  We get to the point and very quickly at AtScale!  

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What is Hadoop?

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Dec 2, 2015

Years ago, when our CEO's team processed over 30 billion events per day, managed a 200 Hadoop node cluster and tried to build a system that connected Hadoop to 8,000 Business Intelligence users, very few people knew what Hadoop was.  

Nowadays, it's virtually impossible to be in a meeting without Hadoop being mentioned.   Luckily, our CMO was recently interviewed about Hadoop and provided a concise answer to this question.   Watch the video below to find out.  It lasts less than 2 minutes.

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Performance on Hadoop, Now!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Nov 20, 2015

If your team has been trying to connect your Business Intelligence (BI) tools to your Hadoop environment, you're familiar with the typical issues: performance, security and the inability to model the data in a way that business users like to consume it.

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Tableau Conference is going to be YUUGE!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Oct 12, 2015


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