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Through the Eyes of a BI Author: Why Tableau and AtScale make a great solution together

Posted by Wendy Gradek on Mar 21, 2018

If you are like me, a Tableau fan, you’ve probably used Tableau for many years, attended numerous Tableau Conferences, and cheered with great enthusiasm when the engineers at Tableau demonstrated the latest and greatest enhancements to the software.  You may also be very accustomed to creating your own calculations based on the row level data you are connected to.  You enjoy the freedoms that Tableau offers.   

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2018: What's New?!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Feb 27, 2018

Yesterday, Gartner published the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence.  The MQ research for BI has been in existence for close to a decade. It is THE document of reference for buyers of Business Intelligence technology.

At face value, not much seems to have changed...BUT, if you take a closer look, you'll notice that some of the biggest changes in the history of the Magic Quadrant just occurred....

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Analytics Performance of Olympic Proportions

Posted by Lucio Daza on Feb 22, 2018

Did you know that 9 out of 10 companies are only able to analyze less than half of the data they collect? In fact, 45% of these companies analyze less than one quarter of this data . Why is that? The answer is simple. We are generating more data than ever, 44 zettabytes by the year 2020 to be precise. What does this mean for you? A great data lake filled with extremely valuable potential to make better decisions for your company. Remember what Sherlock Holmes once said: “I can’t build bricks without clay!” We need data to answer complex questions.

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Happy Birthday George!

Posted by Lucio Daza on Feb 19, 2018

President’s day is the perfect opportunity to explore, honor and remember the legacy of Washington, Lincoln and other presidents. It is also a great day for all those who are looking for a good sale at their favorite retail or online store. What does this mean? Hundreds of millions of sales transactions will generate enormous amount of financial and inventory data will be generated on this one day.  

To learn from successful from Cloudera customers on how they succeed in BI on Big Data, check out this best practices webinar

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It’s Complicated: The Love Hate Relationship with Data.

Posted by Lucio Daza on Feb 12, 2018

Data, Data, Data! All the facts, numbers, and everything in between that, when collected, can be analyzed and decisions made based upon them. Can’t live with it! Can’t live without it! This year over $14 billion will be spent globally on flowers, chocolate, and jewelry on Valentine’s Day alone. According to CIO Research, big data analytics investments are expected to be close to $187 billion. We are definitely investing more on data than expensive chocolates! The big question is, are your data investments nurturing your relationship with data the same way a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates can nurture your relationships?

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The Data Visionary Award Goes to...

Posted by Lucio Daza on Feb 6, 2018

The AtScale Enterprise Data Visionary Award program recognizes the leading enterprises that have reached exceptional productivity levels by modernizing their Big Data Analytics environment. Customers were evaluated based on ingenuity, innovation, business value and impact of their AtScale implementation.

We want to congratulate the 2018 AtScale Visionary Award Winners! Read on to learn more about how these industry leaders used AtScale to become trend-setters in the Big Data world.

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TECH TALK: AtScale 6.0 brings Universal Semantic Layer Benefits to Google Cloud

Posted by Joshua Klahr on Oct 10, 2017

Is it October already?

It’s hard to believe that October is here. It feels like only a few days ago that we released AtScale 5.0 and AtScale 5.5.  Both releases contained a number of great new features that I was excited to share with the Big Data and Business Intelligence communities. Although I may be a little biased, I really do believe that the release of AtScale 6.0 marks one of the biggest releases in the history of the company. 

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Tableau on Big Data 2017!

Posted by Lucio Daza on Oct 5, 2017

The AtScale team is looking forward to the 2017 Tableau Conference event in Las Vegas. Never did we imagine that we would be attending under these circumstances. We would like to take a moment to express our sympathies to those affected by the tragic events that took place earlier this week. If you would like to support the victims of these events, please visit this link for more information on how you can help.

It’s that time of year again. Join AtScale in Las Vegas at the Tableau Conference Oct 9-12 where we will be showing you and the other 12,000 BI experts how AtScale can help you seamlessly use Tableau with your favorite Big Data platform.

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AtScale Delivers the Industry’s First Modern Business Intelligence Platform, enables BI on Hadoop and Big Data, On Premise and Cloud

Posted by AtScale on Nov 17, 2016

Big Data analytics leader previews industry’s first platform to enable unified business intelligence for Teradata, Hadoop, Google Dataproc and BigQuery

San Mateo, CA, November 17, 2016 – AtScale, the first company to provide enterprises with a fast and secure self-service BI platform for Big Data, today announced a significant expansion of its services, from BI on Hadoop to BI on Big Data.

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How Much Dough is in Your Data?!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Sep 19, 2016

This morning, O'Reilly Media published the results of its 2016 Data Science Salary Survey.  The report covers a wide set of topics such as salary differences by gender and countries as well as details for the types of skills that can give employees an edge when it comes to earnings.  We tooked a closer look at the Business Intelligence answers and what we found out might surprise you.

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