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Looking for the Perfect Date using AtScale and Tableau

Posted by Tricia Lord on Apr 25, 2018


My previous blog highlighted some best practices to gain immediate value from all the capabilities that AtScale offers when using Tableau as your BI tool of choice. One of those best practices is to use AtScale-created date dimensions to improve query performance, which is particularly helpful when using date dimensions as filters.  

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10 AtScale Scientific Observations

Posted by Matthew Baird on Apr 18, 2018


Five years ago we had a hypothesis that Business Intelligence (BI) needed a reboot. We planned to take the best parts of original BI ideas and merge them with modern engineering and data analytics to build a platform for delivering self-serve, secure, curated and fast analysis to the entire business. Our strategy, we believed, would build a bridge from the old world to the new world while giving us a stage to present new concepts that made Business Intelligence truly intelligent.

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AtScale Delivers the Industry’s First Modern Business Intelligence Platform, enables BI on Hadoop and Big Data, On Premise and Cloud

Posted by AtScale on Nov 17, 2016

Big Data analytics leader previews industry’s first platform to enable unified business intelligence for Teradata, Hadoop, Google Dataproc and BigQuery

San Mateo, CA, November 17, 2016 – AtScale, the first company to provide enterprises with a fast and secure self-service BI platform for Big Data, today announced a significant expansion of its services, from BI on Hadoop to BI on Big Data.

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AtScale in the News!

Posted by Dave Mariani on Jun 29, 2015

What an incredible week this past week has been!

When we started AtScale, we knew that the industry needed a solution to connect the Hadoop world and the Analytics space – two markets evaluated to reach $50B each, fast growing but disconnected.  We just didn’t anticipate the demand and excitement we’ve been blessed with since we started!

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What's the Sqoop on Hadoop?

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Apr 30, 2015

When Dave Mariani was at Yahoo!, his team processed over 30 billion events per day and the company accounted for almost half of the world’s online traffic. At Klout, Dave’s team scored almost half of Facebook’s data and managed a 200 Hadoop node cluster that ingested 12 B+ signals/day. I think we can all say he knows a thing or two about big data! :)

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Introducing AtScale

Posted by Dave Mariani on Apr 7, 2015

Like many people these days, I really love data. I started my career in the 90s evangelizing business intelligence (BI) and invented one of the first BI platforms for the enterprise. For the past 10 years, at companies like Yahoo! and Klout, I’ve been a consumer of other business intelligence platforms and I have been extremely underwhelmed and disappointed with the options, especially as they relate to Hadoop.

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