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The State of the Hadoop Nation

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If you’ve read recent press on Hadoop, you’re probably wondering what the actual “State of the Hadoop Nation” is. Some surveys have predominatly positioned Hadoop as the platform of the future. Others have been too narrow in scope, short on answer counts or appeared self-serving to the vendors sponsoring them.

We hate to say that we saw this coming but, we kind of did. A few months ago, we started working on a Hadoop Maturity model to allow companies to assess their progress in relationship to their peers.

We put together a questionnaire that takes 5 mins to complete, scores answers dynamically, and gives you a position along the Hadoop Maturity continuum (stages include experimental, strategic and transformational). The model will even provide guidance in case you don’t have Hadoop yet!

We also partnered with a few other firms to run the survey at a global scale and create a mechanism that will provide perspectives from large multi-nationals, as well as the Silicon Valley startups that are innovating in this space.

Finally, we partnered with Wayne Eckerson, the uncontested leader in the field of everything data and analytics, to run a webinar and share the results of the survey with you.

If you want to get a true picture of the “State of the Hadoop Nation”, this is it!

For more information, take 5 mins right now to complete the survey here.

Upon survey completion, you will:

  • Receive a score along the Hadoop Maturity Adoption curve
  • Be emailed a complementary copy of the survey’s aggregated results (so you can benchmark your company’s position by industry, geography, etc.)
  • Be entered in a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card

Your responses will remain confidential and will be used only to construct the aggregated results. Click here to take the survey now.

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