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The Big 3 of Hadoop Summit 2016!

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Hadoop Summit 2016 may not be until be June 28 – 30 in San Jose, but already the community is abuzz.  What’s in it for you?  With Hortonworks, Yahoo!, and MAPR sponsoring and leading companies like Trulia, Macy’s and PayPal speaking ; there's a ton of new insights just waiting for you.  If you're the type who needs something more concrete; here are The Big 3 of Hadoop Summit 2016 to get you going!

1) Power to the People

With over 700 sessions submitted for consideration Summit organizers are giving the Big Data community (aka the people) the power to shape the content they want presented. Get your vote on! Here are a few we recommend!

  • How Macy’s Operationalized Insight with BI on Hadoop     Vote here.   Seetha Chakrapany, Director of Marketing Analytics, will share how Macy's successfully kept the top spot as the largest US department store by innovating with interactive, self-service Business Intelligence directly on Hadoop.   Read more here.
  • Secure SQL-on-Hadoop with Delegated Authorization    Vote here.    Currently, there are at least 4 different authorization mechanisms being used in the Hadoop ecosystem. Using a named-user 'delegated' authorization model is a key unsolved piece of the puzzle. In this session we’ll cover this  Read more here.
2) Something for Everyone

Whether you are Technical or Business focused, Hadoop Summit speaks your language. If you are a coder, you can get your geek on with deep dive sessions ‘straight from the elephant’s mouth’.  While business users can learn to leverage Hadoop to drive business insights. Who knows, you both might just learn a thing or two about how each other thinks about Hadoop.  For example, while IT is loving Hadoop, many Business users still ask ‘huh-what?’ 

With close to 75% of many company's data going unused, according to Forrester, it’s clear there is still some disconnect between Hadoop implementation and Hadoop adoption.  So while you check out what’s interesting to you at Hadoop Summit, you can check out what your counterpart (IT or Business) is thinking, and work together to bridge the gap between Big Data and Big Data access.   

3) Be a Leader, Not a Follower.

If you are just starting to consider Hadoop; you better get moving asap or you may fall behind.  According to Forrester, 100% of enterprises will be using Hadoop in the next 24 months.  If you need to jumpstart, kick-start, or leap-frog your Hadoop strategy ahead, Hadoop Summit 2016 is the place to get and learn what you need.   Wondering how you compare to your industry peers regarding Hadoop?  Take the 2016 Big Data Maturity survey here.

Hadoop Summit 2016 is open for voting, and as they say 'open for business'.  Get your vote on, and get your Hadoop on!  AtScale is excited to join in the community and sharing at Hadoop Summit 2016, so plan to meet us in the Community Showcase to discuss how you can make BI work on Hadoop.  See you in San Jose!


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