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How We're Trying To Be Like The Warriors And How You Can Too

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Did you notice the photoshop work on the featured photo for this blog? This isn’t a shot of Steph Curry, the legendary point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

We’ve superimposed Josh Klahr’s face,  our VP of Product, on Curry’s body.  Why?  

Well, Josh is a big dub fan and has used many basketball analogies throughout his presentations.  But, if you read this article on Golden State Warriors Values, you’ll find similarities with the AtScale Way (and yes, we’re hiring, submit your resume here).

Here are a few things we found interesting:

Great organizations hire well. “The Warriors have a definite type of person in mind who will not only fulfill a role from a talent standpoint, but who also will fit in with the values of the organization”.  Culture fit is paramount at AtScale.  Our team is very senior, the majority of us have worked together previously and the folks we are hiring come from our network or the network of people we’ve hired.  When we go beyond our network, we look for prior success, intellectual and emotional intelligence.  High ethical standards are table-stakes. Our employees are all leaders: they are curious and thrive on feedback. We have a no-asshole rule.  

High-character team members. “In sports and in business, drama equals distraction. And distraction almost always results in reduced performance. By assembling a team of high-character individuals, the Warriors have allowed the players to focus on how to win”.  We have no closed work spaces.  We travel coach.  We are lean and mean.  Recently our leadership team did an ‘offsite meeting’.  We drove to a place 20 mins south to ‘get out of the building’.  We stayed overnight so we could continue working as a group.  We shared rooms to increase team building and optimize cost.

Their best player is also their hardest worker. “In any organization, your best player or most high-profile employee sets the tone for everyone else, good or bad. When they are not only your best, but also the hardest working, the rest will naturally follow suit”. Our CEO is one of the hardest working individuals you’ll find in the Silicon Valley.  He doesn’t shy away from non-CEO tasks either.  He’ll waters plants.  He’ll pick up cups and put them in the dishwasher.  While others might say, he shouldn’t come down to ‘that level’, we view his actions for what they bring to the company -  a hard-working, respectful culture.

A strong team concept and culture. “The Warriors are known in NBA circles as an extremely close-knit team.” The basis of our closeness is clarity, communication, consistency, accountability and trust.  We’re not confused about our goal.  We communicate our goals verbally and act according to our values.  We hold ourselves to high standards and high performance.  We say what we do, we do what we say.

If you like what you've read so far and if you want to join us, simply apply here!  And if you'd like to find out more about AtScale and what we do, watch our 2-min intro video below.

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