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Spark Summit: 5 Things You Should Know

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spark_summit_og_image-1.pngSpark Summit 2016 kicks off next week in NYC and thousands are expected to attend the event, whose theme this year is "Data Science and Engineering At Scale". Great companies will be presenting - from Comcast to Thales and Viacom.

Spark has literally been on fire since it launched and the event is bound to generate a great amount of buzz.  AtScale has been a key partner in making Spark work in the Enterprise and we have partnered with Databricks since our inception.

Whether you're planning on attending the event or are new to Spark, there are 5 key facts you should know:

1) Most of Spark is about Business Intelligence. According to the latest Spark Survey,  the leading use-case for Spark is Business Intelligence.  We're not surprised.  Business Users want speed and Spark excels at that.  If you want to find out how it compares to Impala or Hive, register here to be one of the first people to receive the result of our extensive performance benchmark tests.

2) Spark does NOT replace Hadoop.  Many have written about the rise of Spark and have assimilated it to the demise of Hadoop.  Don't be confused.  Spark does not replace Hadoop.  In fact, Spark needs Hadoop.  For more information, read this ReadWriteWeb articleWhy Spark And Hadoop Are Both Here To Stay or this oneIs Spark replacing Hadoop?

3) Hadoop will be everywhere. Gone are the days when people thought Hadoop and Spark were just fads.  According to Forrester, 100% of enterprises will be using Hadoop in the next 24 months.  If your team is not looking at Hadoop today, you may be at risk of falling behind.  To find out how you compare to your industry peers, take the 2016 Big Data Maturity survey here.

4) Stop TALKING about Spark. Close to 75% of your company's data goes unused, according to Forrester.  Business users might like the idea that you're using Spark but realistically, most of the technical concepts are lost on them if they can't use the data.  So while you'll surely have a great time this week learning about the latest on Spark, don't go back to your company and evangelize the technology, focus on making data accessible.

5) Listen to Business Users.  A recent CIO Magazine report highlighted the disconnect between Business, IT and Execs when it comes to data usage - only 6% of business unit workers feel their organization has what it needs in regard to data usage (compared with 42% of executives and 31% of IT employees).  Don't let this disconnect cripple your company, download our BI on Hadoop Success Kit here.


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