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Why BI on Hadoop?

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Have you ever wondered why you should do BI on Hadoop?  Your company might have invested in Big Data  and you might already have great ETL or Data Science workloads built on top of Hadoop.  

But you're now wondering if and why you should do more....

Take 4 minutes and listen to this interview with Dave Mariani, CEO and Founder at AtScale.  Here, you will learn:

  • How Hadoop can be transformational for your organization
  • Why Hadoop’s value goes beyond just cost savings
  • How companies typically put BI on Hadoop and how you can succeed today!

We hope that this quick interview provided value to you and your team.  Feel free to add comments down below to let us know what you think about this segment and if there are other questions you’d like us to answer!

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Topics: Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Big Data

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