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Why and How to Scale-Out BI on Hadoop

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The latest Big Data Maturity surveys indicate that the use of Hadoop has been on the rise.  As enterprises leverage this new data platform to do more, Business Intelligence has become Hadoop's primary workload, ahead of Data Science or ETL.
The many enterprises that have experienced this transformation have saved money and increased their agility by doing BI on Hadoop without moving data or introducing new BI tools.   How are you doing with BI on Hadoop?  How do your Hadoop analytics capabilities compare to your peers?

Watch this 3 minutes video to learn:
  • Why Scaling Up is a limiting factor to your growth
  • How SparkSQL compares to SQL Analysis Services
  • How to benefit from OLAP without experiencing legacy shortcomings



If you're interested in reading more about Scaling Business Intelligence for Hadoop, here are a few additional resources to check out!

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