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Data is NOT the New Oil...

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Over the years, Big Data pundits have come up with great one-liners to highlight the importance of data. "Data is the new gold" or "Data is the new bacon" are examples of such analogies.  They are all great but there is one in particular that's been bothering me lately.  If you're coming to next week's DataWorks event, be sure to attend the AtScale keynote on Wednesday to find out which one it is and why.

What's DataWorks?

DataWorks Summit is the new name Hortonworks and Yahoo! have given to their industry famous "Hadoop Summit".  This new name makes sense as enterprises are expanding use-cases and look at Big Data beyond Hadoop.

If you haven't registered yet, there is still time! (the event starts on Tuesday and ends on Thursday night). Be sure to get a 20% discount by using our code at registration! MSPO20

If you can not make the event in person, there is always the LiveStream @ https://dataworkssummit.com/live

Want to prepare before the event?  If you're new, check out our What's Hadoop quick video.  If you're more advanced, download our SQL-on-Hadoop benchmark (covering Hive, Spark, Impala and Presto).

Need Speed?!  Download the Benchmark!

What You Can't Afford to Miss...

As you might remember from our June 2016 announcement, AtScale is a very special Hortonworks partner.  You won't be able to miss our booth and banners at the event.  Our team will be located at booth #102.  Be sure to stop by for great demos, giveaways and games.

AtScale customers will be everywhere!  If you don't have the opportunity to meet our customers in our booth or on the show floor, be sure to look out for:

Liberty Mutual: Real-Time Data is changing the face of the Insurance Industry (Wednesday, June 14, 12:20PM @ 230C).

This interactive session will focus on a variety of topics, including: how business data strategies are changing,value of open data sources and incorporating machine learning as well as how leading industry leaders are filling the skills gap.

GoDaddy: Building a Center Of Excellence (COE) around BI on Big Data (Wednesday, June 14, 2:00PM)

This "open-mic" session will dive into the secrets of a highly performing team, which provides self-service business intelligence directly from Hadoop.

Home Depot: A Journey to Self-Service Analytics on Big Data (Wednesday, June 14, 4:10PM @ 210C).

This session is bound to blow you mind!  Hiren Patel of Home Depot and Josh Klahr of AtScale will share details of The Home Depot’s journey to successfully deliver ad-hoc analysis on our big data. 

Want to prepare before these sessions?  No problem! Check out our customer case studies and videos.

See What Others Are Already Doing with BI on Big Data

Don't Miss The Keynote!

Last but not least, don't miss the Wednesday keynote.  Our team will be on the main stage at 10:20AM and will talk about some of the most unexpected topics.  We will also take advantage of this opportunity to unveil which ones of these "Big Data one-liners" bothers us the most...

Want to try and guess?  Here is a hint...

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.53.49 AM.png

See you next week at DataWorks!  

One last thing!  If you want to take advantage of the event to hang out with us at the AtScale party, schedule a meeting with our execs or request 1-on-1 time with any of our AtScale employees. Simply request time here!

Want to join our party?  Request an invite!

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