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The Future is Here.  It's Just Not Evenly Distribut...

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One of my favorite business quotes is the one featured in this blog's photo:  "The future is here.  It's just not evenly distributed yet," (William Gibson).

When I look back at 2015 and the amazing accomplishments of our team and our customers, I can't help to think that, we are building the future here.  And while many got access to it in 2015, many more will be able to benefit from it very soon.

We've had a great time serving you and the community in 2015: 

We can't wait to meet you all at next year's Big Data events such as the Strata Conferences, Gartner BI as well as many of our partners' events and roadshows!  If you ever have a question about our direction, please email me directly at bruno@atscale.com.  

As you consider AtScale, understand what we ARE, and what we are NOT.  We are NOT another "Tableau 2.0" company.  We are NOT a replacement for your entire BI stack. We are the "Business Interface for Hadoop".  

  • Not clear about what that means?  Simply watch this 2 minute video.
  • For a quick answer to what we are NOT, watch the below 2 minute interview

Happy Holidays to all and...Analytically Yours!

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Still believe it's too good to be true?  Schedule a demo here and we'll show you! 


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