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Is your Big Data Strategy as Mature as your Competitors?

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Is your Big Data ‘mature’? You may be puzzled by this question, since many in the industry have been saying ‘Big Data is Dead’ for years. But Big Data is far from dead, and instead technologies and solutions that make up the Big Data space are maturing at an ever increasing rate. From traditional players like Teradata, to open-source Hadoop, to new Cloud players like Google Big Query, the Big Data space is doing more to help companies manage and gain insights from their exploding and morphing data than at any other point in history. So what?  

So, as your business users demand independence from IT to gain access to the goldmine of data in their Data Lakes, and your IT Teams simultaneously demand to maintain control and governance, you need to make sure your Big Data Strategy is ready take advantage of all that is available to you. How do you know if you are on the right track? Maybe you have Hadoop; but want to evaluate Big Data in the Cloud. Is Hadoop where you should place your bet? Is Big Data in the Cloud a viable choice? Can you leverage your investment in traditional Big Data, and dip your toe in the modern Data Lakes too? How are peer enterprises thinking about BI on Big Data? How do you fare compared to your competitors in the maturity of your Big Data Strategy? When it comes to Big Data, answers to questions like these are where the proverbial 'maturity rubber' hits the road.

 A Bit Of History and Where We Are Now

In 2015 AtScale and several of our partners, in an effort to help clarify maturity across the Big Data and BI on Big Data landscape, released our first Hadoop Maturity Survey and Results.  Building upon insights, popularity, and expanding to include more technologies and perspectives, we’re pleased to share AtScales’ 2016 Big Data Maturity Survey Report; in collaboration with, Cloudera, HortonworksCognizant,  MapR, Trifacta and Tableau. With responses from more than 2,550 Big Data professionals, across more than 1,400 companies and 77 countries, the survey and its findings is unrivaled in scope of seeking out the state of the industry and providing real world information, which is being shared freely, to help shape the coming shifts in the industry landscape.

As Big Data evolves, with customers evaluating different platforms, allowing for greater independence from IT, while better leveraging solutions from Big Query and HDInsights, to Teradata, the 2016 Big Data Maturity Survey uncovers surge in deployments of Big Data in the Cloud. With more than half of survey respondents presently operating within the Cloud and 72% with plans operate in the Cloud in the future, future growth in this area can be assured. Are you considering Cloud for your Big Data?

Along with the surge in Cloud operations, the survey reveals that the top Big Data workload is Business Intelligence, with 75% of the respondents planning on using BI on Big Data. In addition to those using BI on Big Data, a staggering  97% of respondents reveal their plans to increase their Big Data usage over the next three months. Are you planning to deliver BI on Big Data to your organization? Are you ahead of or behind your competitors in leveraging Big Data for Analytics insights?

As AtScale, and our partners, continually work towards improving your experience in working with BI on Big Data, we’d love to hear your feedback. We welcome comments and question on not only the AtScale’s 2016 Big Data Maturity Survey, but in trends you may be tracking or experiencing across the broad and expanding ecosystem that is BI on Big Data.

Before you download your own copy of the Survey Results, we’d like to share a few key findings of interest.

Key Findings

   Mature and Experienced Respondents

  • Close to 70% have been using Big Data for more than a year (vs. 59% last year)
  • 74% of respondents have more than 10 nodes, close to 20% have over 100 nodes
  • 73% of respondents now in production (vs. 65% last year)
  • 95% of respondents have achieved positive value or are anticipating they would

   Big Data Adoption Soaring

  • 97% will do as much or more with Big Data over the next 3 months
  • More than 53% of respondents are using Cloud for their Big Data deployment today 14% of respondents have ALL their Big Data in the Cloud
  • 72% of respondents plan on doing Big Data in the Cloud
  • Two-thirds (66%) view Big Data as “Strategic” or “Game Changing”, while only 19% of respondents consider it “Experimental”

   #1 Opportunity: BI on Big Data

  • Business Intelligence is #1 workload for Big Data with 75% of respondents planning on using BI on Big Data.  
  • Self-service access on Big Data grew by 15% year over year, however, most companies (53%) still suffer from a lack of self-service access to Big Data.
  • Accessibility, Security and Governance have become the fastest growing areas of concerns year-over-year, with Governance growing most at 21%.
  • Organizations who have deployed Spark in production are 85% more likely to achieve value.

Download or Take the Survey

To help you on your journey as you piece together your own Big Data and BI on Big Data strategy, take advantage of one or both options below.

Download Report - 2016 Big Data Maturity Survey Results


Take Survey - Big Data Maturity

We, and our Maturity Survey partners, hope the insights in the report provide you value.  We welcome your participation, comments and feedback as we all continue the journey with Big Data.


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