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The "Easy Button" for BI on Hadoop.  AtScale brings simplicity, speed and security for Tableau on Hadoop

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press-the-easy-button.jpgWe're opening 2016 with great news for anyone who's trying to make BI work on Hadoop!  We’ve partnered with Tableau to market an offer that, we believe, will eradicate the issues customers run into when connecting Tableau to Hadoop directly.

AtScale is one of the 5 companies featured at Tableau’s Partner Summit this year (our booth is not very far from Google). We will be showcasing our common offer all week and discussing its details on stage as well.

If you’re at the event, stop by booth #2 and come see us on stage at 2:30PM CET on Monday and at 1pm CET on Tuesday!  For those who are not at the conference, you can find the details of our offer here.

The offer focuses on addressing three key customer demands.

Native Integration with Tableau: Why deploy another BI tool for Hadoop?!

The average enterprise has more than 15 Business Intelligence tools and every single company is in consolidation mode.  Enterprise buyers are looking to double-down on the tools that work best for their Information Workers.

  • Tableau has grown over 60% YOY and it has acquired more than 8,000 new paying customers over the last 3 quarters. As you might remember from our Hadoop Maturity Survey, Tableau was the #1 BI tool used on Hadoop. Enterprise customers do not want to have to deploy yet another BI tool to enable their users to get value out of Hadoop.
  • AtScale makes Tableau perform beautifully on Hadoop. We do this natively. Without any driver. Without any extract. Without any new software to download or install.   In fact, if you are a Tableau Server customer, AtScale now provides native integration with Tableau Server too!

How do we do that? That's a great question, we’ll be happy to show you.

Supercharge Tableau: "The Magical 3 seconds"

One of the key reasons why people love Tableau so much is because it’s fast! Users get to build beautiful visualizations that provide answers quickly. Hadoop can be tricky though. Because Hadoop data is stored in files and in a non-structured manner, most BI tools struggle to keep query performance under the ‘magical 3 seconds’ (3 seconds is typically the amount of time the average user is willing to wait before they abandon a query or report).

  • AtScale Adaptive Cache technology speeds up queries from Hadoop by multiple orders of magnitude. Check out how Yellow Pages does it here. Using Tableau, AtScale and Cloudera, Yellow Pages was able to query 50B rows in less than 1 sec: that’s a 100X+ query time improvement!
  • What’s even more magical is that AtScale does all this without data movement and without requiring you to learn HDFS, Spark, Impala, Hive (or any new database technologies for that matter). AtScale works natively with all Hadoop distributions and is compatible with all SQL-on-Hadoop engines (in fact, we’ve worked very closely with Databricks and provided feedback that made it into their recent Spark 1.6 release).

Believe this is too good to be true?! Go ahead and challenge us to beat your best performance today!

The Business Interface for Hadoop: the Universal Semantic layer

Ease of use and performance benefits are paramount when it comes to making business users happy. But data architects and IT executives are concerned about security, business modeling, data consistency and quality. Most BI tools that connect to Hadoop use Hive, which has no embedded security or OLAP modeling features. AtScale addresses the concerns of both the business user and the IT user.

  • AtScale acts as a “Semantic Layer” that sits between Hadoop and Business Intelligence tools like Tableau. Using AtScale, customers can model data, create measures, dimensions and calculations in a WYSIWYG, Web-based and collaborative environment called “Design Center”. Design Center lets users model, transform, and prepare data for analysis. Query optimization, security integration (LDAP, Kerberos…etc) is managed through Design Center, making AtScale the best friend of both the business user and IT.
  • You want to know what the best part of this Semantic Layer is though? It’s virtual! That’s right, with AtScale, there is no data movement, no extract, transform or load! Say goodbye to long, painful and expensive ETL jobs. With AtScale, users get to model and control data centrally, without having to move it out of Hadoop! AtScale does away with the “E” the “L” of ETL!

This functionality is core to enterprise requirements and AtScale is the only company that has it. It is the functionality that allows IT to provide business users with the flexibility and freedom they need while maintaining consistency, control and governance. Find out more about it here.

We can’t wait to hear from you!  This exceptional announcement has already been picked up by the community and you can read more about it on CIO.com, VentureBeat amongst many others.

The need to connect Tableau to Hadoop is ever-growing and we hope that you’ll consider AtScale as you begin your “BI on Hadoop” journey!


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