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Dave Mariani

Dave has a degree in Economics from UCLA, but that’s never stopped him from writing code. After single-handedly inventing the business intelligence industry in the early 90’s with his first company, Mineshare, Dave continued to surround himself with large amounts of data at places like Yahoo! and Klout. When he’s not occupied in his role as AtScale’s fearless leader you can find Dave cleaning up the trail of destruction left by his four children. If you ever find Dave without a can of Diet Coke in his hand...he might be dead.
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It's Always "Day 1": AtScale's New CEO

Posted by Dave Mariani on Jun 26, 2018

When we started AtScale five years ago, there were just five of us, driven by the desire to change the way enterprises deliver analytics to the business. 

AtScale was born out of necessity. At Yahoo!, my team and I had grown frustrated that we couldn’t easily let users consume all Yahoo! data. Every day, my team had to work through the “anarchy of enterprise data”. Preparing data for business analytics required painful data movement and manipulation. And, no matter how much we optimized our data pipelines, keeping up with business needs felt like a losing battle.

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Topics: Cloud, BI on Big Data, ceo

The Business Intelligence Platforms of 2022

Posted by Dave Mariani on Oct 3, 2017

Almost 5 years ago to the day, my co-founders and I opened the door of our company in downtown San Mateo.  It was just the five of us, driven by the desire to make Big Data work.  We had been scarred by complex Big Data analytics projects in our former lives and were frustrated that the Business Intelligence market didn’t have a good solution for the data stored in data lakes.

Since then, the AtScale team has grown to almost 100 talented folks.  Our company has not only received the trust of great investors (we announced our Series C today), we have also grown into a technology leader that has driven success at many enterprises.  

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Topics: Hadoop, bi-on-hadoop, Analytics, BI on Big Data

Hortonworks chooses AtScale as its standard for BI-on-Hadoop

Posted by Dave Mariani on Jun 28, 2016

We started AtScale because we believe that everyone should be able to use all data for all their decisions.  We believe that people should have unencumbered and secured access to information, work with data of all shapes, at lighting speed and in the tools they are already familiar with like Tableau and Microsoft Excel.  

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Topics: Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Big Data, hortonworks

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same...

Posted by Dave Mariani on May 16, 2016

I am excited to unveil the details of our Series B round. And I’m particularly proud of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a company since we burst onto the scene from stealth mode a little more than a year ago.

Our product has reached market fit in record time and our seasoned team has built a company that can scale and whose culture is centered around customer success. This didn’t happen by accident.

I’ve been in this space a long time and I’m starting to see some recurring patterns. In life and tech, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Let me explain.

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Topics: Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Big Data

AtScale in the News!

Posted by Dave Mariani on Jun 29, 2015

What an incredible week this past week has been!

When we started AtScale, we knew that the industry needed a solution to connect the Hadoop world and the Analytics space – two markets evaluated to reach $50B each, fast growing but disconnected.  We just didn’t anticipate the demand and excitement we’ve been blessed with since we started!

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Introducing AtScale

Posted by Dave Mariani on Apr 7, 2015

Like many people these days, I really love data. I started my career in the 90s evangelizing business intelligence (BI) and invented one of the first BI platforms for the enterprise. For the past 10 years, at companies like Yahoo! and Klout, I’ve been a consumer of other business intelligence platforms and I have been extremely underwhelmed and disappointed with the options, especially as they relate to Hadoop.

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