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What's the best BI tool for Hadoop?

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Apr 20, 2017

Every once in awhile, the ultimate question comes up: "What is the best analysis tool for BI on Hadoop?!".  AtScale is not in the business of favoring one tool versus the other.  We are in the business of making all of them work.  There are indeed many reasons why business users and I.T. departments choose particular analysis tools.   Here are a few things to consider. 

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Topics: Hadoop, bi-on-hadoop, Analytics, BI on Big Data

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence (BI) 2017: The Good, The Bad and The Wookie?!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Feb 18, 2017

Yesterday, Gartner published the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence.  The MQ research for BI has been in existence for close to a decade; it is THE document of reference for buyers of Business Intelligence technology.

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Topics: Gartner

How Much Dough is in Your Data?!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Sep 19, 2016

This morning, O'Reilly Media published the results of its 2016 Data Science Salary Survey.  The report covers a wide set of topics such as salary differences by gender and countries as well as details for the types of skills that can give employees an edge when it comes to earnings.  We tooked a closer look at the Business Intelligence answers and what we found out might surprise you...

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Topics: Hadoop, Tableau, Business Intelligence, spark, Big Data, excel, powerbi

I like [ Big BI ] and I Cannot Lie...

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Sep 7, 2016

There is no shortage of advice if you’re in the market for a “BI on Big Data” solution or as we sometimes like to call it “Big BI”.  Big BI refers to a Business Intelligence (BI) platform that conforms with end-users needs (typically seamlessly integrated with Tableau or Excel), that can scale on any data size to deliver top query performance.  

A resource you might find particularly interesting when sizing up your BI tools, is the latest version of the “G2 Crowd Grid for Business Intelligence Software”. The Winter 2016 version just got published. We reviewed the grid and its report and found some interesting insights worth sharing.

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Topics: Gartner, Business Intelligence, Big Data, surveys

CDOs: They Are Not Who You Think They Are

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Aug 22, 2016

Google the word “CDO” today and your search will mostly results return articles about the “Chief Digital Officer”.  However, if you came to this blog, you’re probably looking for guidance on the other title this acronym refers to: “The Chief Data Officer”...

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Topics: Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Chief Data Officer

How We're Trying To Be Like The Warriors And How You Can Too

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Jun 15, 2016

You might not have noticed the photoshop work on the featured photo for this blog.  This isn’t a shot of Steph Curry, the legendary point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

We’ve superimposed Josh Klahr’s face,  our VP of Product, on Curry’s body.  Why?  

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Topics: Big Data, culture

What Clique is Qlik Joining? A Few Things to Consider

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Jun 7, 2016
Last week was an interesting one for Private Equity and Enterprise Software.  On Tuesday, Marketo, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTO) entered into an agreement to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners for $1.79 Billion and on Thursday, Qlik (NASDAQ: QLIK) announced it would be acquired by Thoma Bravo for $30.50 per share - an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $3.0 billion.
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Topics: Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Big Data

Up And To The Right!

Posted by Bruno Aziza on May 20, 2016

What a week! You might have already read some of the press that covered the AtScale news this or even read our CEO blog, as he expands on the details of our announce...

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Topics: Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Big Data

Excel is more a Friend than Foe...

Posted by Bruno Aziza on May 14, 2016

This week-end, we came across Professor Clint Tuttle, a very creative MIS teacher at University of Texas at Austin.  You'll be blown away by what he does during his lectures. 

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Topics: Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Big Data

The BB-8 Reasons You Should Care About BI-on-Hadoop

Posted by Bruno Aziza on Mar 19, 2016

The BI on Hadoop market is at an interesting intersection...even event-wise.  This past week, the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit gathered over 2,000 Analytics enthusiasts, and next week the O'Reilly Strata Conference will see 4,000 Big Data nerds like me discuss the future of Hadoop.  The space is evolving fast.  It's possible you might have missed a few things.  Below a "re-cap" of the Gartner BI Summit and a "pre-cap" of the O'Reilly Strata San Jose event.

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Topics: Hadoop, Tableau, Gartner, forrester, GartnerBI, Microsoft Excel

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